Dragging a ship for 6 meters with his teeth

Omar Hanapiev, a renowned strong man from the Russian town of Eisk has set a world record by dragging a ship for 6 meters with his teeth, the Regnum News Agency reports Wednesday.
According to a source from Krasnodar’s Regional Department of Resorts and Tourism Development, the sportsman dubbed “Iron teeth” pulled the vessel, with a load displacement of 2,200 tons, using a series of ropes,for a distance of 6 meters The feat took place in Eisk’s dockyard.

The multiple world record breaker claims to have beaten his own previous record. Nine years ago, in the fishing port of Makhachkala, Hanapiev dragged a 567-ton tanker, moving it from the shore into the sea for a distance of 15 meters.

The Hercules from Dagestan first demonstrated his unusual talent at the age of 10 when he used to pull out nails from a board with his teeth and bend horseshoes. However, he did not send an application to the Guinness Book of Records until he was 30. By then, he was already able to move a locomotive, a tanker and even a TU-134 airplane with his teeth.  

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