Giant stingray caught by British angler.

This giant stingray has smashed the world record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught using a rod. British angler Ian Welch tussled with the monster ray for 90 minutes to secure it and then 13 men had to be recruited to heave it out of the water.The massive 55 stone (or 771 lbs) stingray is almost five times the weight of freshwater biologist Ian (11.5 stone). Its body was 7ft long and 7ft wide and its tail measured 10ft. Its lethal venomous barb had to be wrapped in cloth while it was out of the water.The previous world record was held by a 646 lbs catfish caught in 2005.
Ian was helping with a stingray tagging program in Thailand when he discovered the enormous specimen deep in the Maeklong River and used a Snake head fish as bait to snare it.
“It dragged me across the boat and would have pulled me in had my colleague not grabbed my trousers - it was like the whole earth had just moved. I knew it was going to a big one," the 45-year-old said.
"It buried itself on the bottom and the main fight was trying to get it off the floor.
"I tried with every ounce of power but it just would not budge. After half an hour my arms began shaking and after an hour my legs went.
"Another 30 minutes went by and then I put a glove on and physically pulled the line with gritted teeth and somehow I found the reserves to shift the fish."

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